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On top of the head are two ears that can be clicked clockwise or counter clockwise. I always take a conversational, consumer-centric approach here because this site is aimed at the average mainstream consumer who does not understand or have an interest in highly technical statistics or industry jargon. Thank you for the review Jenny! Tsumbay Car Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция, HUD Simulating Design Car Phone Holder review.

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IRiver Disney Mplayer Review

Based on the new 1GB Mplayer, my guess would be iriver. Originally commissioned by Disney for Hong Kong Disneyland, the iriver Mplayer has just recently become available in South Koreawhich looks to be its only official destination outside of the amusement park.

But should a silly detail like your home country be allowed to come between your hands and an MP3-playing Mickey Mouse head? Since Disney normally plasters its colorful product boxes with cartoon characters and oversized writing, the minimalist presentation seems to suggest that the player is not aimed at its usual demographic.

I have yet to be impressed by the accessory bundle included with any iriver player, and the Mplayer does nothing to sway my opinion in the other direction. In addition to the player itself, each box contains a standard USB 2. There are times and angles when the player actually looks more like gumballs or a misshapen pregnant woman. Even though Mickey Mouse is so iconic that designing a player in his likeness seems like a no-brainer, I think only iriver could come up with something like this.

More straight-laced Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция probably would have produced a rectangular device with an image of Mickey either printed or engraved on it. To put the diminutive size in perspective, here are the Mplayers with some of their low-capacity flash DAP competitors: Like similarly sized DAPs, the Mplayer is designed to be worn around your neck.

Without a screen, users have to rely solely on hardware controls to listen to their music. A better way to control the player, both one- and two-handed, is to hold an ear between your thumb and index finger. You can see above how little the ears actually twist compare the "seams" in the three images. As expected, a quick press of the button turns the device on and off. Music playback resumes about 5 seconds after the player is turned on and stops within 1 second of pressing the button to turn it off.

The first 3 are completely inaudible and anything above 20 is way too loud for me. Everything is slightly muddled Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция, of course, bass is non-existent. The non-removable lithium ion battery charges via USB in about 2. The iriver Mplayer is a novelty DAP designed for die-hard Disney fans, iriver completists, and just about no one else. A unique design and clever controls are its strongest selling points, which is rarely enough to persuade consumers interested in sound quality, sophistication and sleekness, or extras like an FM tuner, EQs, and play modes.

Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. My daughter loves Mickey Mouse. Wonder if she is still too young for a mp3 player…: Where did you hear that Mplayer was commissioned by Disney in Hongkong?

That is not true. Also, mplayer first firmware supports a shuffle function, which user can CHOOSE to listen to the music in order or randomly. Jenny, I serious want you to consider another job than a reviewer. The official Hong Kong Disneyland hologram on the box was my first tip-off that this was a commissioned player, so I looked it up.

Thanks for the impressions! My first reaction to seeing the Mplayer was not positive, since it is lack of features. Seeing it a few times in various online blogs it has begun to grow on me. And seeing your impressions and photos make it clear that the design is so unique and the control is so clever! Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Nicky. It certainly is a very unique player! Will you be getting one? Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция think Warehouse has all five colors in stock now.

It is strange that the silver of all colors looks rather matte. Warehouse is the only retailer I know of that sells it. For that price, the players would probably do very well at Disneyland, Disney World, and even the Disney Stores in the U. For some reasons, my mPlayer was dead after using for a week. I had no problem getting RMA and my replacement expected to be forthcoming with no problems.

Very good service Joe who I spoke to on the phone was very helpful! You may check iRiver Store in HK. XD Im not anywhere near the biggest Disney fan on earth, or Mickey Mouse fan at that, but GAH D: I heard about this on a forum http: Before I start bugging Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция parents, I have to figure out what color I want. But then someone said that the pink one gets out of stock a lot. And what was that kid up there talking about?

To let you get a good idea how popular the mplayer is in general, it has been in the top 5 mp3 in korea for the past 3 months. Pink is number 1, white is Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция 4 and black is number 5. I also ordered the blue from s2m. I wanna buy one.

But I could not find it in Indian Market. Can any one let me know how I can order it Online.?? Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция is really cute……………. I think I am going to get the Pink one. Jenn it was a great review, but is there a shuffle option in this one? Please let Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция know. As far as I know, Puns, the player Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция not have a shuffle option. Someone in the comments mentioned one, but it was not available with the firmware that shipped with my sample players.

There was also no mention of the function in the product manual, which I read from cover to cover while writing the review. The latest firmware version is 1. A perfect Christmas present for my two little sisters. Really anyone can fall in love with this…. Just want to know if i want to buy this in India how can i buy this?

Lately, they offer the mplayer for free if you buy the Canon TX1 movie camera. Good deal, take Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция look! My boyfriend bought me this player, am more than satisfied, yes less features but affordable for those cant have expensive mp3 player. Substandard review, i think these days some of the reviewers feel their reviews are seen with authority if you go on making baseless refutes against the product without having a context of what they dealing with.

This is miniaturized product, you dont expect menus and controls to be on par with ipods or the Zen from example. The head of a mickey mouse hanging loose from your neck is disturbing? Sounds more like an imbecile crying out that it cant understand what the product is about. What is probably more disturbing is that we have a lots of useless reviews Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция posted because they have a job to do.

Your knowledge of the product and similar products has to be appallingly low for you to compare it with the likes of higher end full fledged MP3 players. For the size and surface area constraints the Mplayer is one Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция the top end products thats out there. If you dont understand tech and take things into context then do yourself and us a favor, dont post reviews.

And spoil the reputation of a product with baseless comparisons. I have done many reviews of Motherboards, CPU, GFXs etc, we have a professional way of bringing out the cons and pro of a product but you are even below mediocre for that matter. Over all a review that has no understanding of the genre or category of the product, merely written by someone who in all probability has had some personal bad experience with an iRiver store or some other unknown reason.

Thanks Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция your comments, Viki. The photos showing the Mplayer next to fuller-featured devices is simply, as clearly stated, to illustrate size. And just as you are not the only person who thinks this is the be-all-end-all best player in its class, I am not the only person who thinks otherwise. A review is not about your strange lack of imagination. Where is your audio frequency distribution chart?

Where is the decibel level comparison with other products? Too scientific for you? If you cant do that then your claims that the sound is weak or that is not fine, is all your own opinion, your ears and capabilities to hear and analyze is different, its not the same from person to person, but lab Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция with charts and valid data never lies.

You should think more before making bold claims asking me to point out where you made such statements Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция your review. I am a seasoned review editor i catch these things in quickly. Try not waste your time or energy trying to deny what i have pointed out, it Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция no good i will shot those refutes down.

It has been pointed out to make you take notice of the blunders in your review. But you dont wish to see it. Again comparisons with a higher end DAP, how is that a small device can house a higher end DSP micro controller to give higher fidelity, amperage like sophisticated devices?. Listen miss, i do embedded programming for embedded systems and when you say a small device is unable to give the output to drive the ear phones, it will crack up every engineer in the department into unstoppable laughter, its that illogical and silly.

And please keep in mind, to drive large magnetic coils in headsets unlike earphones you need high current and voltage drop to attain distortion less and clear higher output. More power is needed to move the diaphragm. The lithium batteries are having different power output ratings in higher end devices and their sizes are also much larger. Wow and that is really out of this world now isnt it? Logic dictates you need atleast two fingers in opposing fashion to grip something comfortably to twist it.

Your Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция is laughable. And plenty of similar uninformed opinions and contradictions through out the article, the whole Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция is poor, If am honest i will have to give it a negative rating, 0 would be too lenient for this article. I can go on listing all the blunders but i think i have made the point clear as to why the article is just more like a grudge bash, you maybe however right that you have cordial relations with the supplier, but this article shows otherwise.

I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt that its just down to uninformed and poorly thought review compilation. Review writing is not that simple, many viewers read it, so it must make sense and your need to get your perspective right. I always take a conversational, consumer-centric approach here because this site is aimed at the average mainstream consumer who does not understand or have an interest in highly technical statistics or industry jargon.

I never claim to be one, and I often make clear that I am not an Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция and that sound quality is largely subjective.

Despite SNR and decibel levels, what sounds fantastic to one person could very well sound horrible to another. Scientific information is not useful to my readers; they do not come to me for it. I run this site alone so all of the content is colored with my own opinions.

Since I own the site and am the only writer here, I am not obligated to keep my personal opinions and biases out of my writing. This is clear from all of Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция other reviews on this site. I do not make sweeping Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция that I expect to be taken as absolute truth by everyone. Having a favorable opinion about something does not mean that everything about it Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция wonderful.

And yes, cute and disturbing can exist simultaneously. Not everything is cut and dry. The point of your comments, on the other hand, is another story. And for someone so obsessed with semantics, I find your understanding and command of basic punctuation and syntax quite curious. So rather than suggest that I discontinue posting reviews as you did in your first commentperhaps you could simply not visit the site. Jenn, Looks like you got a troll on your site that needs to get a life.

I always read your reviews before buying something because you always talk about the stuff that I want to know. Your review methodology is not focusing on this claim, industry jargon can be simplified and presented with charts. The average customer knows about decibel levels. This is not something beyond the average reader, Your making excuses. Your approach being controversial is not the aim of a review, it should be a neutral appraisal of the product for its cons and pros.

So when you claim you seek to be controversial, the whole content is premeditated to be a put down. Oh yes you are obligated, if you Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция then review writing is not for you. People are coming in here to read and buy the product for themselves. They dont need to be influenced by biased reviews. Speak for yourself but this is absolutely banana Hammock. Cute and disturbing at the same time eh?

Sticking by what you said is fine but when it makes no sense its futile to Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция by it in your arguments. You could write to Anand Lal Shimpi or anyone of the editors there they will tell you they Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция many temporary testers and assistants who do editorial and testing work for them, as they have lot of products to test with very less time on their hands after the NDA is lifted and before the products are shipped back to the supplier.

Sounds like you dont take kindly to someone pointing out the flaws especially when you are being biased, as you have admitted it yourself that you see no obligation to put aside personal bias in your reviews.

Anyone with a fair bit of IT Industry contacts with suppliers can start a website and post reviews but bear in mind when you do so its a responsibility not just a job to merely post reviews for the sake of having a site that many visit. Sure I dont need to come in here again to read your reviews, but your review turned up on google amongst Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция reviews a friend of mine looked up. And she informed me of this review being rather harsh for no apparent reason.

And so i decided to take a look. Some Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция the claims made in the review are completely uncalled for, Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция me it appeared like Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция grudge bash, but you insist you deliberately take such stances as its your flavor for being controversial.

There is no need for it. Constructive criticisms always Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция part of this industry where many tend to be biased at times. If am a troll then i am a pretty good troll at that aye? I think only cnet puts charts.

Nothing is wrong with that. Its balanced and gives the good and bad about the product. That sounds like the job of a reviewer to me.

Jenn, You write great content for everyohne to read for free. I have my own Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция too so if you say something is good or bad, I make up my mind for myself in the end.

Your review comes out first in Google followed by others linking to you. I forgot to tell Viki that Jenn said CONVERSATIONAL. Not controversial like you said a bunch of times. We all have our own views and tastes. I am curious whether your main complaint is simply that the review is not unequivocally positive. Many of those are highly positive.

Check her iriver clix2 review if you need a place to start. Your criticisms are welcome here, as Jenn makes clear by responding to you and not banning you from the site, but your approach is incredibly offensive. Heated discussions can be had with respect and class, not with rhetoric and namecalling. You ask Jenn to stick to the topic of the blunders in her review, yet you continually attack her intelligence and character.

Please take your toxic, unproductive comments elsewhere. Have a stupendous day Viki. You obviously need one more than anyone of us do. Phil Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция have to correct your there cnet is not the only one who puts up charts every other major hardware review site posts benchmarks, graphs and charts.

This is nothing new, Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция harry is correct on that. But then again only geeks and enthusiats go there. I have bought the Mplayer for my little girl. I find it much better than what the review here makes it out to be. I personally read reviews to get quick glances on basic features specs. Always read more than one review site if you want an opinion.

But I dont look for opnions I look for features. I can decide on the rest. Do you realize a pregnant lady might take offence to that little joke? He used Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция imbecile word only once and after that its all normal words as far as i can see. LOLs i have say it really is incredible to twist with only 1 finger. I laughed out loud when harry pointed that one out.

I mean is it that hard two use two fingers when you need to twist anyways? Its her opinion you are free to ignore it or accept it. Thats what i need most. But you guys need to cool down a bit. And unlike most others who come in here and simply say they agree with everything, a change of opinion is welcomed and if you suggest that jenn is being nice by not banning him then thats more like dictatorship.

They need benchmarks to compare devices. Gadgets could also use such tests I see no harm in that. Are you one of our forum members? I can see that you have linked http: Pointing out and berating a statement does not constitute an attack on the character of the author, but yes I am questioning the reasoning behind it.

I do not think so, unless your English is different from the rest of the world. I sympathize if thats the case. You have hardly any valid points to make here. If you are venting anger because I have critiqued a review on your favorite website, I do not apologize, I did not attack you or Jenn as a person. I am attacking the article.

If am abusive towards jenn on intent, please show me where I have used any such words again in my posts. Interesting that stern criticism is viewed as toxic. So it implies you would like to see only those who agree with the review to come in here post a comment. I sure can accommodate your request, but it just goes on to show that I have definitely made my point. But i do visit anandtech a lot. You guys are doing great job over there.

I just put the link to show some support. I decided to put my 2 cents on the matter so i put the link when i saw the field for that section. I do think you shouldnt have used the imbecile word on that comment even though you were probably Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция with some of examples given in the review about the player. First of all I agree with most the points Viki has brought out about the way the review has been written.

But I can say that Jenn Lee is not an expert like she admits on the technical side. But viki, lay out off the aggression mate. You have made your point. There is no need to call the examples as those by an imbecile. I think you were quite harsh in your response there mate. I get your point that it was a silly example. But chill mate its only a silly example. Jacob, mate you are hostile for no good reason. You on the other hand mate going for the jugular on the guy.

Put on a lid on it he aint attacking jenn here by calling her miss. We address all strangers who are women as madam or miss. So listen Jenn or Listen Miss, is there a problem? Equating a poor article to trash is no big deal thats what we all say about a bad reviews anyway. You are probably the one taking things out of context the most in here. He also pointed out technical arguments in his replys.

Do you have any to point out mate? Your personal vitriol is not welcome. Me thinks you could use a stupendous day instead. Bottom line, you all oughta chill down. A guy comes in here and tells why that is incorrect and tells it as it is. I liked that expect for the slight swear. Now lets all get back to discussing this little gizmo.

I wanted to add tho that twisting something with one finger is not hard. I can twist the layers of a Rubicks Cube with my index finger and I always twist on the cap of my water bottle with one finger.

As for twisting the mickey ear, it sounds like she just meant that if the ear had grip on it, you could put one finger ohn it and then just move Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция up or down. In other words twist it with one finger. Many people want to know if daps can be used with just one hand. Its a question that lot of people ask in forums and stuff. So if you want to use something with just one hand, you need to control it with only your thumb or a single finger.

Thanks I didnt know about the charts. I only trust my own ears, not what graphs and charts say. Thats if its Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция dial or something. You cant turn anything with one finger if its the way it is like on the Mplayer.

Mighty obvious if you think about it. The argument is sound i dont see anything wrong with what harry pointed out. Thats what i meant to add. Jenn, thanks for the great review. I had already seen the tech info on other sites. What I was looking for was a personal experience using the gadget like a real person would, and I feel that you provided that for me. I bought mine off eBay and received it within 5 post days from Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция.

I just chose eBay over warehouse Hi I Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция one for my girlfriend from http: I just want to say that I think personal opinions in reviews do matter, otherwise all reviews would be the same and there would be no need for more than one review site.

Anyway, I liked the review. I wanted to know if the sound was loud enough to hear during a workout at the gym, how long the charge would last and how easy it was to Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция. The pictures next to other players were perfect as I wanted to know how big it was too.

Poor, as in not very good, as opposed to one with little money. What is she trying to disprove, contest, rebut or prove false, Viki?

If you want completely unbiased reviews, you can go to………hmmmm, are there any truly unbiased reviews? Everything else is biased to one degree or another. So, Viki, save your defense attourney fees and your time. You might have even had a valid point or two. I MIGHT have noticed that all this Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция ancient history. Psyched to use it! Just worried on wearing out the Li. This is available in Sri Lanka! Audio quality are subjective, so any charts or what-nots are useless.

Benchmarks done at sites like Anandtechs are also synthetic and does not reflect real life usage. I used to be into 3D videocard benchmarks, then found out how sad I was into getting high 3DMark scores. Proper review sites should subject players to blind tests. But this is a blog, not a proper site. Me thinks Viki is insecure about bloggers gaining more respect than their fellow peers.

Hi, This is so cute — but i see it is an old review. Are there any new sizes yet — 1GB is not so big… thanks. Some Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция come in a 2GB model. Hi Jen, I have a problem with my iriver mickey player — pink. I accidentally reformatted the player. I just heard beeping sounds.

What could have happened? What will i do to be able to listen to the songs again. I really love this player and i treasure it so much. It was given by a friend as a gift. Please help me Jen…. My name is samantha my dad bought me this mickey mouse mp3 but it did not come with the disc. I get a problem with my mplayer.

It wont work if i unplug it from my laptop. What should I do? Anyone, Help me pleaaaaseeee…I just got it. I have one round my neck right now, and I love it to bits! I bought one a little while ago, and the computer does NOT detect it for some reason!! Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция anyone knows how to fix this, please help me! I want to put more songs into mine!

I Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция the same problem!! Did you get it figured out? Please tell me if you did!

It would save me a lot of time and trouble to go and get a new one or something: Thank you so much for the review! I Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция your review is great! I just ordered this MP3 player. It looks so cute! A FRIEND OF MINE IS LOOKING FOR A PLACE IN BANGALORE TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT… PLEASE KINDLY SUGGEST ME IF IT IS AVAILABLE IN BANGALORE… IF NOT THEN WHERE IN INDIA … OR ANY PLACE FROM WHERE HE CAN PURCHASE THANX….

Hey, I want to buy the player i live in bangalore, india. Is there any other place I can buy. We will be linking to this particularly great article on our website. Keep up the good writing. Jenny or godivist… How do I use the shuffle functionality? I did something by accident, and now it keeps shuffling without me needing it to… I know its an awesome feature. But I also like listening to my music in order… My email is: Reviews Hot Topics Good and EVO Google Chrome Google Nexus Tablets Tasker Apps Android iOS Windows Phone Games Android Apps Root Apps Windows Windows Phone Windows 8 Windows RT Android Microsoft Contact Pocketables About.

Lee July 29, MP3 PlayersReviews. MP3, WMA, ASF up to kbps Dimensions: Box contents I have yet to be impressed by the accessory bundle included with any iriver player, and the Mplayer does nothing to sway my opinion in the other direction. Controls One of the most unique aspects of the Mplayer, aside from the obvious, is its controls.

Fortunately for the Mplayer, they are. At the top is a standard 3. Audio Unlike most all? Battery life The non-removable lithium ion battery charges via USB in about 2. Conclusion The iriver Mplayer is a novelty DAP designed for die-hard Disney fans, iriver completists, and just about no one else. About the Author Jenn K. Thanks for your comment, godivist. Jenn, Very Nice Review! I especially love the objective details you have provided. I appreciate the confirmation. If you do, be sure to send in a picture!

Send a picture if I get one or accidentally break the ears off? If the ear breaks off! I kind of like the silver and black. Not to worry, Hizu.

All five colors appear to be in stock right now. Thanks for the review xD And what was that kid up there talking about? In response to Jen, yeah… that girl is pretty amazing for doing the preorder. I ordered the pink a few weeks ago.

I should get it in a couple of weeks. I had no idea the player would have such Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция following, Michelle. Thanks for the info. Having every color would certainly be a sight to see! Thank Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция Jenn and Shuffle…. I love that Disney Mplayer so much when first time i saw it!!!

Very funny review… i never see it before! Not an excuse to dish out trash on the net. Nonsense, you contradict yourself that you may need support so you wont trip on your own feet. Lets look at them for a moment here. And besides how is something cute, disturbing?? Do you even have a clue as to what you are saying there?.

Maybe reality distortion field exists in your office, perhaps thats the excuse here, yes? Yet again you lack information or knowledge.

Where is the logic in that?. Besides you are the first as far as i can remember making this claim ; You could write to Anand Lal Shimpi or anyone of the editors there they will tell you they have many temporary testers and assistants who do editorial and testing work for them, as they have lot of products to test with very less time on their hands after the NDA is lifted and before the products are shipped back to the supplier.

As i have mentioned earlier i found it poor and in some cases unsubstantiated. No one should tell someone else how to do their job.

I believe even gadgets have their own groups of enthusiasts. Maybe he was talking about that. Are you so quick to jump on someone because they responded negatively about the review? Ok back to topic: Thanks for the support Arris, obviously some in here do not appreciate criticisms. Dude i am getting this Mplayer, its going Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция take 2 days as per tracking info. Right, I have been observing this little skirmish going on in here for a short while now.

Yeah, this is getting out of hand. Anyways i got my Mplayer!!! I am one happy camper. Also, am loving having it. Fun and functional, who cares about the rest? Thank you for the review Jenny! RED, PINK, BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN, PURPLE, WHITE, BLACK, Mickey mp3 player iriver инструкция, SILVER, GOLD Selling Price: This is why I laughed: Great images, personal opinions, everything.

Keep up the good work, Jenn. Ooh, some bg info: Still a vedy niiice. Please help me Jen… Thanks! You have a clear review… I hope to get another color….

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